White vs Yellow Cheddar: Why They Taste so Different?

White vs Yellow Cheddar Cheese

Did you know that Cheddar has been with us for nine centuries? That’s right, nine centuries. You probably think you know your Cheddar, it could be your favorite cheese and you’ve probably been eating it your whole life.

The fact of the matter is you could be hanging out with a friend one day, and you’ll suddenly find yourself in a conversation that started with: “Why is that Cheddar orange?”. It could have just as quickly been the color white, and there could be an argument on the way.

So why is some Cheddar white and some yellow or orange? We’re here to find out.

The Taste

So what’s the difference? Should you buy white, yellow, or orange Cheddar? The orange stuff must be the best right?

Well, no. And yes. We know, it’s confusing. The orange Cheddar is the best one by far. But the white one is the best also. And yellow too. Are you getting the hint? There’s no difference.

White and yellow Cheddar cheese.
White and yellow Cheddar cheese.

Research has shown that your mind plays games on you if you try all three colors simultaneously. Depending on your history with the cheese, you’ll lean closer to being fond of one color.over the others. The color is all about food coloring, nothing else. The only thing you should be worried about is the actual quality of the cheese. 

But hey, if you have a preference, go for it. As long as you have some Cheddar in the fridge, everything else is fine by us.


Cheddar originated in the town of Cheddar, England, in the 12th century. It is a heavyweight of the cheese world and is famous for its strong taste and orange color. But it wasn’t always orange. Well, it was, but it also wasn’t. Let us explain. 

Cheddar has a particular reputation ever since it was made a long, long time ago.

The orange color was a hit with the people in and around the village. But only in the summer. Cheddar’s yellow, orange, or any other color that’s not the color of the milk it’s made from, is credited to the grass the cows eat before producing the milk.

Slices of orange and white Cheddar cheese.
Slices of orange and white Cheddar cheese.

Cheddar is famous for its cows and the grass they eat as well. Their diet is full of beta-carotene, which gives their milk a yellow hue, but their milk is creamy white during the winter since their diet is dried out grass, a.k.a. – hey.

In case you’d like to know more about how Cheddar got its famous color make sure to read the article we made on that topic.

When the 17th century rolled into town, cheddar was famous cheese. And anybody who wanted to make it had to make it yellow or orange—the more orange, the better. Color is what made you money.

So if you start making some Cheddar and your sales ain’t doing well, what will you do? Add food coloring, that’s what. And there’s nothing wrong with that. 

So there you go, it’s all lies and a good cheese, not a bad ending to a story if you ask us. Cheddar is cheddar, that’s our point, get some, chop it up, pour some wine, and have a ball. Your cheese enjoyment is the only thing that matters.

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