What Color is Stinky Cheese?

stinky cheese color

Have you ever wondered what color is Stinky Cheese?

That may seem like a simple question but the answer is a bit broader than you might think. So, we’re going to try and explain it as much as we can.

Stinky cheeses have been around for a long time and while there is a clear line between people who love or hate them, there are those who just don’t get them. One of the things people are baffled by is the color.

Are stinky cheeses blue? Are they white? What’s going on?! Let’s get to the bottom of this, and along the way, you may even decide to get some of these smelly treats.

What Are Stinky Cheeses?

There are a couple of types of stinky cheeses out there. Some taste the same as they smell, yet others are nothing but tricks. And the smell is just the surface level of the whole story. So let’s sort these cheeses, stink wise.

Washed-Rind Cheeses

Washed-rind cheeses are the stinkiest of the whole lot. However, don’t let that fool you, the taste doesn’t match the first impression. As the name suggests, washed-rind cheese is just cheese that is washed in the rind. Rind in this particular case being brine (though water or beer do the trick just fine).

What this does is it turns the surface of the cheese into a perfect home for bacteria that will make it go rancid far quicker than the interior, making it fresh and creamy. The process affects the inside as well, but the result isn’t even close to the “inside & out” king of stinky cheese. And that’s…

Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is not precisely “blue.” At least not entirely. The process with which this effect is achieved is by needle poking the cheese, so the bacteria and mold can go straight through the cheese.

This means that whichever way you cut it, the blue (or in some cases – green) veins that it’s famous for will be present. The smell will depend on the type of cheese used and what kind of bacteria is added to the curd while making the cheese. So like we mentioned, it’s not blue. 

So What Color is Stinky Cheese?

Well, the straight answer is – same as every cheese you can think of, but darker or with blue and green mold spots. That’s the simplest answer, but there is so much more to stinky cheese than that.

Pecorino is a goat cheese that is wash-ruined, and if judged by its looks, it’s just a wheel of dark brownish cheese. But open it up, and you’ll find an intense smell and an excellent and rich taste that will knock you off your feet.

Epoisses is a stinky French cheese that looks like a beautiful loaf of perfectly shaped bread! But cut into the middle, and a soft and creamy cheese will spill all over your cutting board. Your room will get filled with a strong smell that will leave you lightheaded but asking for more.


So yes, stinky cheeses can be a brownish color or just plain yellow with blue or green veins of mold running through them. Whatever color they are, you rest assured that they will leave you speechless one way or another (taste and stink-wise.) If you’d like to know what are some of the smellies cheeses, you can read more on our blog.

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