Ricotta vs Cottage Cheese: All You Need to Know

ricotta cheese

Are Cottage and Ricotta the same type of cheese? They are both unripened fresh cheeses that sometimes share the same texture and can go as far as sharing the same taste.

Well, the straight answer would be no. After all, Ricotta is made from milk whey, while its Cottage counterpart is made from milk curds. Both of their cheese-making processes meet at some point in time, but the result is different.

With that said, can they be used interchangeably in a recipe? Let’s find out.

Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta Cheese is a soft unripened cheese that can be made from any type of milk: cow, goat, sheep, or Water Buffalo milk. That’s because Ricotta is not, in a sense, a cheese. It’s a whey cheese.

This is an advantage for cheesemakers everywhere, considering that it’s made from other cheeses’ leftovers. The texture and the taste depend on many factors: the type of milk used, how much it’s aged, and even where it’s made.

The many versions of this cheese are, in essence, what makes it so great. You can find it fresh, aged, smoked, baked, etc. You can even freeze Ricotta cheese for later.

Because of this it can be used in many meals and recipes.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese, unlike our friend the Ricotta, is made from just one type of milk. But it can be made basically by anyone anywhere and has been around for over five thousand years.

This historic giant is a fresh cheese made from milk curds and has a mild flavor. You’d be right to assume that the calorie count is as favorable as the taste, which is why it’s been used in diets for as long as diets have been a thing.

cottage cheese

It’s easy to make, it goes well with everything, and you won’t put on the belly even if you munch on it every day.

Additionally, there are a lot of cottage cheese products out there that you have to try!

The Differences

The differences between these two kinds of cheese are obvious when you look at how they are made. But what’s also obvious is the Ricotta can be made to quite resemble Cottage cheese. The texture is a dead giveaway.

Cottage cheese is famous for its lumpy curds while Ricotta is a creamier cheese, but here are some versions of Cottage cheese that add cream to the mix.

If you’re into dieting, both of these are the right choice. Still, Cottage cheese takes the crown since it usually contains half the calories found in the Ricotta while keeping around the same protein percentage (although that one’s a bit higher in the Ricotta).

All that aside, these cheeses can be used interchangeably in a lot of recipes, which is why this comparison’s been around for years and years.


So what’s the conclusion? Without a doubt, Cottage cheese is a winner if you’re looking for a cheese to implement in your diet. The nutritional values are always on its side but don’t turn your back on the Ricotta so easily.

It’s still a low-fat, high-protein cheese that maybe has a taste you could prefer. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it. That’s the most important rule here.

Whatever you choose, we guarantee, you’ll get some old fashioned darn good cheese on your plate.

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