What is Longhorn Style Cheese?

longhorn style cheese

Have you ever wondered what that strange orange triangle-shaped cheese is that you always spot at the supermarket while hunting through the dairy aisle?

And if your curiosity got the better of you and made you read out loud the name of it, you probably asked another question. Longhorn?

Well, we know that we had to find out, so that’s exactly what we did. 

And this is what we came up with:

American Cheese History

If we’re trying to figure out what longhorn is, we have to learn what cheese is.

See, every country and region has its cheese history. The cheeses that arrived from some other country influenced dairy farmers to make those and new versions of those cheeses.

There are always certain types that will impact the whole industry, which, in turn, influences the whole of society.

There have been many kinds of cheese in the New World, but if we set aside all the homemade products that families made and ate by themselves, there is one that made all the difference – and that’s Cheddar.

Cheddar Cheese

You really can’t go through a supermarket, local store or even down your street in the US without running into a block of Cheddar.

The orange giant is a British cheese made from cow milk and it’s been a staple of the industry for hundreds of years.

It varies from a mild white cheese to a sharp and intense yellow delight.

And let’s not forget the classic orange cheddar that differs in taste compared to its white counterpart.

All over the world, Cheddar factories were opening up in the 1800s, and The US wasn’t different. In 1851. the first Ceddar factory was opened in New York, and it has pretty much stayed the number one cheese in America ever since.

So what does this world-famous British cheese have to do with the Longhorn? Well, everything.

Longhorn Style Cheese

Read that again. Longhorn Style Cheese. That’s what it is, a Cheddar that’s cut into and sold as the Longhorn Style Cheese. So is it just Cheddar? Well yes and no. 

“Just Cheddar” would be quite an understatement since, after all, it is an American style of Cheddar. To say that would be to disrespect all the American Dairy farmers that have made their Cheddar versions the most popular in the whole country for the last 200 years.

Longhorn is made from Colby Cheese. Colby, just like its predecessor the Cheddar, is named after the village of Colby, Wisconsin. It’s a semi-hard Cow Milk cheese that has the same orange color and pungent taste as its English counterpart.

The Longhorn Style is a famous way of packaging the Colby and can vary between a mild and sharp taste depending on where it was made and how much the farmers aged it.


Next time you walk through your market and come across the strange triangle called “Longhorn” you’ll know what you’re picking. Grab a perfectly cut slice of good old American Colby cheese and have a great cheesy day.

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