Gruyere Cheese And Its Substitutes For Newbies

Gruyere Cheese Substitute

Have you ever heard of Gruyere cheese? This extraordinary cheese is very versatile and comes as an ingredient in many different dishes. It’s pretty hard to find, though. The fact is that Gruyere is only available in selected shops and specialized dairy product stores. But, if you stumble across a recipe that has this cheese, it’s not the time to panic.

If you don’t have Gruyere cheese near you, in most cases, you’ll be fine, and the dish will work out. Why? Well because thanks to the texture and taste of Gruyere cheese, there are a lot of alternatives that can work instead of it (which are way easier to find).

With that being said, in this article, we’ll cover some of the best Gruyere cheese substitutes and all details to them. We will see how you can use them to make the best out of your dish. If you feel like this list isn’t full and we forgot about some of the cheeses out there, no worries. Contact us and tell us what we are missing. After all, this is just our personal opinion, and we would love to find an even better substitution if something like that exists. 


While Gruyere comes from Switzerland, Jarlsberg comes from Norway and offers a lot of similarities. It’s delicious and mellow, which makes it a perfect substitution for Gruyere. 

What needs to be said is that Jarlsberg is a bit stronger than it’s fellow Swiss friend. It’s best used as a topping for your dishes. Meaning you need to heat it until it changes its texture and becomes creamy. You can add it to potatoes or pasta. Yummy.


This smooth French cheese is an excellent substitute for Gruyere. It comes as a first pick if you want to broil or bake your cheese, but you don’t have Gruyere near you. Most supermarkets usually have it available, and the texture it has is pretty similar to Gruyere. 


Emmentaler comes from Switzerland, same as Gruyere. Since they share the same country, naturally, they kind of share the same taste. Emmentaler is a bit smoother though, and it’s often used in fondue. It has a yellowish look and melts very quickly so that the dishes you prepare can be served very fast. 

Fontina and Parmesan Cheese

These cheeses make a unique mix on this list. While you can substitute Gruyere with only one cheese, in this variation, you can replace Gruyere with the combination of Fontina and Parmesan. The Parmesan has the zip and the consistency while Fontina has such a creamy and rich flavour, and this makes these two the perfect alternatives to Gruyere. 

Be careful, though. The ratio you need to pull this one off is 50:50. If you add one of these a bit more than the other, the taste won’t be the same; it might be too strong, or too mild. So, add both of them equally and enjoy the improvisation of taste. 

Maasdam or Edam

If you want to mimic the taste of Gruyere cheese perfectly, then you should look into Maasdam or Edam cheese. They’re both made from cow’s milk, and therefore they are pretty much similar to the real thing. One more thing to notice is that if you want the best cheese that goes well with wine or on its own, these two are among the first picks. They just taste so good in combination with other beverages and serve as a perfect taste enhancer.


Raclette is probably the one cheese that’s being recommended the most across the Internet as an alternative to Gruyere. If you plan to melt or grill your cheese on top of vegetables, then this is a go-to option.

The flavour it has goes exceptionally well with any type of vegetable, and if you melt it, it adds a whole new dimension of taste to any dish you use it in. 

If you want to find the best alternative to Gruyere cheese out there, you should look into those types of cheese which can melt pretty easy. Why? Well, Gruyere is usually used as melting cheese, and that’s why you should need cheese with the same characteristics. 


If you want to know some of the tips when it comes to picking and preparing the best Gruyere cheese alternative, then read on:

  • Always pick the cheese that has a creamy texture and the one which can be melted quickly. Keep it in a container and fridge for it not to go to waste.
  • Always use the proper amounts as stated in the recipe as that way, the meal you’re trying to prepare will be perfect. If you add or take out more than you’re supposed to, the dish might have a strange flavour.
  • Remember the list of Gruyere substitutes mentioned in this article. Change it from week to week. You need to find which one works best for your needs but remember that some of them are specifically used as a topping or in a fondue. 


To sum up, Gruyere cheese is hard to find. We all know that. But, don’t feel down just yet. As you’ve seen in this article, there are some alternatives out there that you can find quite easily. Of course, if you can get your hands on the real thing, the fantastic. Gruyere cheese is incredible, and everyone should try it at least once in their life. But if you live somewhere where such cheese is a pure rarity, we feel you. And that’s why you can pick any cheese from the list and pretty much enjoy 90% of what Gruyere can give you.

Just remember that every cheese is different, so set your expectations according to that. Oh, and watch out what do you need your cheese for. Not every cheese can create a great fondue same, as not every cheese can go as a sweet topping across grilled veggies.

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