Your Guide to Cougar Gold Cheese

Cougar Gold Cheese

If you’ve ever been cheese hunting in the United States, you have probably come across a golden can of cheese. If you happen to know what it is, that means you’ve been introduced to the “Cougar Gold”. And we got to tell you, you’re one lucky fella. The Cougar Gold cheese is an American classic that dates back from the 1940s and is part of a research on keeping cheese fresh by storing it in cans. Well, the study was successful, and the Washington State University (they make the cheese) claims that their cheese can be stored indefinitely, and the longer you wait, the better the cheese.

The WSU. Research

Like we already mentioned, back in the 40s, the United States Government, in a partnership with the American Company, funded a WSU. researchOpens in a new tab. that aimed to store cheese in tin cans successfully. This was right before the canned food craze, so you can imagine that the government did not hold back any funding that would get them close to the action. WSU made the Cougar Gold cheese, among others, and eighty years later, we are still talking about it, and we’re not the first. 

WSU making Cougar Gold cheese

Cougar Gold had a series of awards raining at them, starting from 1993. when they were awarded a blue ribbon. In the upcoming years, they were rewarded with a silver medal in the United States Cheese Championship, 1995. In 2000. another prize followed up, as they were the runner ups in the World Cheese Awards, earning them the silver medal. Their efforts were crowned when they acquired the gold medal in the World Cheese Awards in 2006.

What’s The Taste Like?

So what is Cougar Gold Cheese? Well, it’s Cheddar despite it having a white color! Unlike the orange type, the Cougar is a white and sharp Cheddar that has a nutty flavour you would find in a Swiss or a Gouda. It is not made from cougar milk, which is a disappointment we know. But, like all Cheddars, it’s made from quality cow milk that is, in this case of a whiter colour. So with that said, no additional food colouring has been added. Even if it’s not as old as the cheddar, the Cougar Gold is a classic in its own light. 

Cougar Gold cheese in a can
Cougar Gold cheese in a can

With that said, they don’t fall into that imitating game that most Cheddar makers fall into. You can only find it in a 30 oz (850g) tin can packaging, no more, no less. If the claims that the WCU makes are right, it can pretty much stay in your family for as long as you leave it. That claim can be right only if the cans are properly refrigerated. 

If you do happen to leave it unopened for a long time, even as an experiment, the cheese should take on a more potent and sharper taste while becoming dry and crumbly delight. 

An Excellent Cheese Pick

There you have it, a tasty American Cheddar, made by a University and sold in a tin. If that’s not the most American food you can think of, we don’t know what is. All we know is, it’s an excellent cheese you will definitely love.

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