About Us

Some people like collecting stamps, others want cars or motorbikes. Some adore games or sports. But not us. We love cheese. And that might not be even enough. If you want an accurate description of us, it’s that we live cheese. At Cheese Buzz, you’ll find everything related to cheese. Categories of cheeses? Check. Best combinations of cheese and other products? Check. Cheese reviews, recommendations and tests? Check. There are so much to cover in this broad cheesy topic, but we guarantee – we got you covered.

The idea behind CheeseBuzz initially spiked five years ago. The site was created by a couple of cheese enthusiasts who believe that there isn’t a better product in the world (sorry beer lovers). After years of researching and testing various types of cheese, one friend told the other: “Hey, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a place where cheese lovers like us could discuss different cheese-related topics and share their opinions about the greatest product in the world?” The other one replied with just a simple: “Hell Yeah”, and there you have it. CheeseBuzz was created and thanks to those two friends, you are now here, reading about the first steps of one of the biggest cheese-sites in the world. How cool is that?

All in all, if you have aspirations towards cheese and you just love a good community that talks about the same topic and share the same passion as you, you’re in the right place. We are positive that you’ll bookmark CheeseBuzz and when you start reading all the great stuff on here, you will visit it daily. If you aren’t a cheese lover, no worries. We’re sure you’ll find something interesting here as well, and we can pretty much say that we will transform you into one eventually (it’s a hobby of ours).